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Warner Parks
Breeding Bird Survey
1985 & 2001-2005

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The Warner Parks Breeding Bird Survey route has been run each year from 1985-2005. The route, patterned after the North American Breeding Bird Survey, lies entirely within the park and samples its various habitats. Beginning at 6:00 a.m., the 25-mile route is surveyed in the first week in June every 0.5 mile for three minutes by one observer for all species and individuals seen and heard. From 2001-2005, on average 44.2 species (61 species total) of 305 individuals were recorded. Of the 61 species detected during this period, 25 species (41%) were neotropical. There were 397 neotropical individuals out of 1,525 total individuals for the period 2001-2005 or 26% neotropicals.

Breeding Bird Survey - 1985 & 2001-2005
First number in column is the total number of individuals-second number the number of stops.
June 8
June 7
June 4
June 4
June 9
Wild Turkey------12-13-12-1
Northern Bobwhite9-61-1--1-1----
Great Blue Heron--------1-1--
Turkey Vulture----1-1--1-1--
Red-tailed Hawk----1-1--1-1--
American Kestrel2-2------1-12-2
Rock Pigeon2-1----------
Mourning Dove3-26-65-33-24-33-3
Yellow-billed Cuckoo9-93-3--2-2----
Chimney Swift18-1018-55-38-77-58-3
Ruby-throated Hummingbird----1-1------
Belted Kingfisher----2-2------
Red-bellied Woodpecker13-102-211-115-56-58-8
Downy Woodpecker1-11-13-32-25-55-5
Yellow-shafted Flicker1-12-2----1-12-2
Pileated Woodpecker1-12-2--1-12-21-1
Eastern Wood-Pewee4-413-129-810-1011-115-5
Acadian Flycatcher4-24-45-54-34-36-6
Eastern Phoebe----2-2--1-1--
Great Crested Flycatcher2-22-22-22-22-23-3
Eastern Kingbird1-11-1----1-1--
Loggerhead Shrike--2-1--2-1----
White-eyed Vireo--2-2--1-1--1-1
Yellow-throated Vireo--------1-11-1
Red-eyed Vireo6-54-42-2--6-65-5
Blue Jay3-28-811-108-711-99-8
American Crow3-26-36-52-1--5-3
Barn Swallow2-14-222-416-52-27-3
Purple Martin------8-12-1--
Carolina Chickadee11-816-1325-1525-1718-1326-17
Tufted Titmouse28-2113-1018-1317-1616-1319-18
White-breasted Nuthatch9-73-34-45-48-79-8
Carolina Wren1-17-716-1614-108-612-8
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher6-510-88-810-106-612-12
Eastern Bluebird1-14-43-35-59-77-6
Wood Thrush6-54-44-4--3-34-4
American Robin13-99-310-68-610-711-10
Gray Catbird--------1-1--
Northern Mockingbird4-43-25-45-56-65-3
Brown Thrasher----1-1--2-21-1
European Starling9-2123-450-618-333-42-1
Blue-winged Warbler----------1-1
Northern Parula--------1-1--
Kentucky Warbler2-23-33-32-22-21-1
Common Yellowthroat3-3------1-11-1
Yellow-breasted Chat3-32-21-1--3-31-1
Summer Tanager4-44-45-55-55-55-4
Scarlet Tanager1-1--1-12-23-3--
Eastern Towhee19-158-74-48-711-115-4
Chipping Sparrow--1-17-62-23-3--
Field Sparrow4-36-65-51-13-36-4
Northern Cardinal26-1623-1721-1515-1423-1422-16
Indigo Bunting7-48-811-913-1210-1010-8
Red-winged Blackbird1-1--2-11-12-13-2
Eastern Meadowlark9-72-26-12-23-21-1
Common Grackle4-44-312-45-23-32-2
Brown-headed Cowbird2-26-58-85-57-511-8
Orchard Oriole--2-23-32-21-1--
House Finch--------4-1--
American Goldfinch2-26-69-724-1115-1115-12
House Sparrow------1-1----
TOTAL SPECIES434242415343
Total Individuals/
Total Stops Per Species
Time (start a.m./end a.m.)--6:04 /8:51 6:05 -8:57 --6:13-9:216:19-9:14
Temperature (start/end)68o /79o68o/68o59o/64o57o/60o54o/68o65o/75o
Wind (start/end)1/20/01/22/20/00/0
Sky (start/end)1/02/12/22/20/01/1
Observer/AssistantSandy Bivens/
Sandy Bivens/
Bob Parrish
Sandy Bivens/
Bob Parrish
Sandy Bivens/
Bob Parrish
Sandy Bivens/
Bob Parrish
Sandy Bivens/
Bob Parrish


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