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Each IBA Sites Page has up to seventeen categories of information and a location map. These categories are outlined below. Most have a representative photograph of the site.

Location: Each site has a one sentence description of the general location of the IBA that includes among other things, nearest town and counties.

Physiographic Province: Both the PIF and BCR are noted.

Geographical Coordinates: The coordinates for various locations within the IBA site are listed.

Elevation Range: The lowest point and the highest point within the IBA are delineated and the elevation of various locations are listed.

Size: The size of the IBA is noted in acres. This will be GIS verified.

USGS 7.5' quad: The names of the quads in which the IBA is location are listed.

Description: This includes the habitat, significant features, water courses, features, and facilities. Any ornithological statements made are of a general nature, the more detail information reserved for Ornithological Importance.

IBA Criteria: The categories of criteria that the site qualifies are noted.

Ornithological Importance: A summarizing statement is made of the various criteria listed in the table. In addition, any documentation on Endangered/Threatened/In Need of Management species and on other species and habitats that do not meet threshold levels are included here. Within the table, criteria are listed that pertain to the site that includes general information. Each criterion is expanded on through a note above the table.

Ownership: Property owners are listed.

Contact: Names and contact information for the site are noted.

Conservation Concerns: A list of concerns are noted in categories of critical, serious, major, or potential. Some concerns also may include expanded comments.

Management Program: A general statement is made on a program, if one is in place. Sometimes there are references for more details.

Submitted by: The name and contact information are noted for the submitter of the IBA site.

Additional Contributors: The name and contact information are noted for additional people who assisted with information on the IBA site.

References: When appropriate, complete references as stated in the write-up are noted here.

Action (Accepted/Rejected): The vote and any comments on the Technical Committee's deliberations are detailed.

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