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Waterbirds of Rankin

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Listing is of 89 waterbird species found at Rankin with maximum number in one day. An * denotes breeding (13 species). List was updated May 2005. Note: A few of the maximum numbers were recorded at Dutch Bottoms, Cocke County, which is downstream from Rankin.

  SPECIES                             Maximum
Canada Goose*400
Tundra Swan1
Wood Duck*120
American Wigeon10
American Black Duck28
Blue-winged Teal500
Northern Shoveler20
Northern Pintail4
Green-winged Teal30
Ring-necked Duck8
Lesser Scaup8
Surf Scoter4
Long-tailed Duck1
Hooded Merganser2
Red-breasted Merganser4
Ruddy Duck13
Common Loon2
Pied-billed Grebe52
Horned Grebe1
American White Pelican6
Double-crested Cormorant*300
Least Bittern2
Great Blue Heron*381
Great Egret275
Snowy Egret3
Little Blue Heron26
Cattle Egret*50
Green Heron*40
Black-crowned Night-Heron*100
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron*2
White Ibis11
Glossy Ibis1
Roseate Spoonbill1
Bald Eagle*5
Common Moorhen1
American Coot260
Sandhill Crane5
Black-bellied Plover17
American Golden-Plover6
Semipalmated Plover52
Piping Plover1
Black-necked Stilt2
American Avocet2
Greater Yellowlegs65
Lesser Yellowlegs85
Solitary Sandpiper12
Spotted Sandpiper24
Upland Sandpiper8
Marbled Godwit2
Ruddy Turnstone4
Red Knot4
Semipalmated Sandpiper400
Western Sandpiper30
Least Sandpiper450
White-rumped Sandpiper10
Baird's Sandpiper4
Pectoral Sandpiper500
Stilt Sandpiper45
Buff-breasted Sandpiper20
Short-billed Dowitcher125
Long-billed Dowitcher2
Wilson's Snipe20
American Woodcock4
Wilson's Phalarope1
Red-necked Phalarope2
Red Phalarope1
Laughing Gull5
Franklin's Gull1
Bonaparte's Gull80
Ring-billed Gull450
Herring Gull5
Lesser Black-backed Gull1
Caspian Tern14
Common Tern12
Forster's Tern60
Least Tern1
Black Tern30
Belted Kingfisher*10

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