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Horns Bluff Refuge

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Map - Hop-In RefugeMap - Manes Swamp RefugeMap - Horns Bluff Refuge
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Note: The sites of the J. Clark Akers Wildlife Complex (Upper)--C. M. Gooch Wildlife Management Area, Hop-In Refuge, Obion River Wildlife Management Area, and Maness Swamp Refuge should be considered as one IBA site if adequate documentation is available in that they form a contiguous area along the Obion River, Obion River Drainage Canal, and South Fork Obion River. The Horns Bluff Refuge and Bean Switch are part of this Complex and could be included with it under an umbrella IBA, but are not contiguous with it.

Location:  Six miles northeast of Alamo off Highway 54 in the counties of Crockett and Gibson, Tennessee.
Physiographic Province:  PIF 04 (East Gulf Coastal Plain); BCR 27 (Southeastern Coastal Plain)
Tennessee IBA Site Map - Horns Bluff Refuge.bmp (80006 bytes)
Geographical Coordinates: 
    Horns Bluff--Lat. 355131N  Long. 0890631W
Elevation Range:
    302' Horns Bluff
Size:  1,789 acres
USGS 7.5' quad:  Alamo

Acquired by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in 1991 and 1992, most of the area then consisted of marginal or abandoned farmland. This was converted back to bottomland forested wetlands. Fields are cultivated in the summer with food crops and flooded in the winter for waterfowl. There are nature trails, boardwalks, and an observation tower.

IBA Criteria:  4a

Ornithological Importance:  Waterfowl is the criteria for the site.
    Note 1.  Waterfowl (ducks, geese, and swans) average from the "Tennessee Mid-Winter Waterfowl Survey," 2001-2005 is 1,231 birds. Numbers by years are: 2001 (1,525), 2002 (483), 2003 (1,404), 2004 (545) and 2005 (2,200). Mallard was the most common duck with an average of 989 birds or 80.3% of the average total waterfowl for the site. The next most common duck was Gadwall with an average of 183 birds or 14.8% of the average total waterfowl for the site.

Site Criteria



Avg. No Season

Max. No. Season

Years of Data









Season1   B = Breeding, W = Wintering, SM = Spring Migration, FM = Fall Migration
Source 2  1-Atlas Breeding Birds of Tennessee 2-Breeding Bird Surveys 3-Christmas Bird Counts
4-Point Counts 5-Refuge Counts 6-Personal observations 7-Other (specify)

Ownership:  Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
    Contact:  Carl Wirwa, Area Manager, 18 East Main Street, Alamo, TN 38001, 731-696-3197 or 731-423-5725, Carl.Wirwa@state.tn.us. TWRA Region I Office, 200 Lowell Thomas Drive, Jackson, TN 38301, 731-423-5725, 800-372-3928 (toll free in Tennessee).

Conservation Concerns: 

Management Program:  None

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Disapproved as an IBA site:  February 2006--Yes 4  No 3

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