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Hampton Creek Cove
Seasonal Checklist

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Note:  Approximately 98% of the observations were collected during the breeding seasons, thus, other seasons are under-represented (pers. comm. Allan Trently, Nora Schubert).



Breeding (confirmed)Breeding (probable)MigrantWinterObserved on Property (not nesting or unlikely to nest)Status
Great Blue Heronrare visitor--------x--
Turkey Vulturefairly common summer resident--------x--
Black Vulturerare summer resident--------x--
Cooper’s Hawkrare summer resident--x--------
Sharp-shinned Hawkrare summer resident--x------D S3B
Red-tailed Hawkfairly common summer resident--x--------
Wild Turkeyfairly common residentx----x----
Virginia Railrare transient----x------
American Woodcockuncommon summer resident--x--------
Mourning Dovecommon summer resident--x--------
Yellow-billed Cuckoorare summer resident--x--------
Black-billed Cuckoorare summer resident--x------S2B
Screech Owlrare summer resident--x--------
Barred Owlrare resident--x--------
Great Horned Owlrare resident--x--------
Chimney Swiftfairly common summer resident------------
Ruby-throated Hummingbirdcommon summer resident--x--------
Belted Kingfisherrare visitor--------x--
Red-bellied Woodpeckerrare summer resident--x--------
Northern Flickerrare summer resident--x--------
Downy Woodpeckerfairly common resident--x--------
Hairy Woodpeckerfairly common resident--x--------
Pileated Woodpeckerfairly common resident--x--------
Eastern Wood-Peweefairly common summer resident--x--------
Acadian Flycatcherfairly common summer resident--x--------
Alder Flycatcherrare summer resident--x------S1
Willow Flycatcheruncommon summer resident--x------S2S3
Least Flycatchercommon summer residentx--------S3
Eastern Phoebefairly common residentx----------
White-eyed Vireorare summer resident--x--------
Yellow-throated Vireouncommon summer resident--x--------
Blue-headed Vireofairly common summer resident--x--------
Red-eyed Vireoabundant summer resident--x--------
Blue Jayfairly common resident--x--------
American Crowabundant resident--x--------
Common Ravenfairly common resident--------xT S2
Tree Swallowuncommon summer residentx----------
Barn Swallowcommon summer resident--x--------
Northern Rough-winged Swallowrare--------x--
Tufted Titmousefairly common resident--x--------
Carolina Chickadeecommon residentx----------
Carolina Wrenfairly common resident--x--------
House Wrenuncommon summer residentx----------
Blue-gray Gnatcatcherfairly common summer resident--x--------
Eastern Bluebirdfairly common summer residentx----------
Wood Thrushuncommon summer resident--x--------
Veeryfairly common summer residentx----------
American Robincommon summer residentx----------
Gray Catbirdabundant summer residentx----------
Northern Mockingbirdrare--------x--
Brown Thrasher common summer residentx----------
European Starlingfairly common resident--x--------
Cedar Waxwingabundant summer residentx----------
Golden-winged Warblercommon summer residentx--------D S3B
Yellow Warblercommon summer resident--x--------
Chestnut-sided Warblerabundant summer residentx----------
Black-throated Blue Warblerrare summer resident--x--------
Black-throated Green Warblerrare summer resident--x--------
Blackpoll Warblermigrant----x------
Black-and-white Warblerrare summer resident--x--------
Blackburnian Warblerrare (mid-May)----x------
Kentucky Warblerrare summer resident--x--------
American Redstartabundant summer resident--x--------
Worm-eating Warblerrare summer resident--x--------
Ovenbirdrare summer resident--x--------
Common Yellowthroatabundant summer resident--x--------
Hooded Warbleruncommon summer resident--x--------
Canada Warblerrare summer resident--x--------
Yellow-breasted Chatuncommon summer resident--x--------
Scarlet Tanagerfairly common summer resident--x--------
Northern Cardinalfairly common summer residentx----------
Blue Grosbeakrare potential resident--x--------
Rose-breasted Grosbeakfairly common summer residentx----------
Indigo Buntingabundant summer residentx----------
Eastern Towheeabundant summer residentx----------
Chipping Sparrowuncommon summer residentx----------
Grasshopper Sparrowrare summer potential resident; winter visitor--------x--
Field Sparrowcommon summer residentx----------
Lincoln’s Sparrowrare winter visitor------x----
Song Sparrowabundant residentx----------
Swamp Sparrowmigrant and potential winter resident----xx----
Dark-eyed Juncorare summer resident to uncommon?, winter resident--x--x----
Eastern Meadowlarkrare potential resident--------x--
Common Gracklerare summer resident--------x--
Red-winged Blackbirdcommon summer residentx----------
Rusty Blackbirdwinter visitor------x----
Brown-headed Cowbirdfairly common summer residentx----------
American Goldfinchabundant resident--x--------
Breeding (confirmed) = nest was found in cove.       
Breeding (probable) = nesting bird or potential nesting bird in cove.       
T = Threatened Species means any species or subspecies of plant which appears likely, within the foreseeable future, to become endangered throughout all or a significant portion of its range in Tennessee, including but not limited to all species of plants determined to be a “threatened species” pursuant to the Endangered Species Act.       
D = Deemed In Need of Management       
S1 = Extremely rare and critically imperiled in the state with five or fewer occurrences, or very few remaining individuals, or because of some special condition where the species is particularly vulnerable to extirpation from Tennessee.       
S2 = Very rare and imperiled within the state, six to twenty occurrences and less than 3000 individuals, or few remaining individuals, or because of some factor(s) making it vulnerable to extirpation from Tennessee.       
S3 = Rare and uncommon in the state, from 21 to 100 occurrences.       
   B = Breeding Status       

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